Nature's Heart
Healing Arts


Thank you for visiting the Garden!

Nature's Heart is like a garden of wellness and wholeness; nurturing body, mind, and spirit.  

Welcome!  I am Tracey Lewindon, a teacher and healer who serves as a guide to help women through life's transitions and to discover a transformed sense of clarity, joy, and wholeness.  I am passionate about people and sharing what I love with others.   

Aromatherapy, Earth Medicine, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy®, the creative process of art journaling, and drawing from my own experiences in healing, I am able to create a personalized healing plan tailored to each individual.  This personalized approach to healing, working with both knowledge and experience and allowing each woman to connect with her own innate wisdom, leads to highly individual and powerful one-on-one consultations and healing sessions.

We each travel our own unique path of personal growth and healing, and I see myself serving as a guide to women on their journeys.  It is my wish to share what I have learned through my own experience of life and healing as a way to encourage and inspire women in connecting with their true selves and inner 'enough-ness'.

As a Registered Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Therapist, I believe that Nature is a powerful healer and that essential oils, when safely used, have the potential to greatly improve an individual's state of wellness, on every level. My Aromatherapy offerings include 
personalized blending and workshops on safe essential oil use. 

In addition to one-on-one consultations, I also offer artistic and creative services in
art journaling, art cards, and my newest 'Holistic Art Journaling' Soul Garden workshops. 

Enjoy your wander through this garden here and see the healing work that I can support you with. I look forward to hearing from you! 

For any questions or to request a consultation, please
contact me.