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Aromatherapy is the holistic practice of working with essential oils derived from plants to influence conditions of the body, mind, and spirit.  It is both a science and an art, involving chemistry, biology, as well as intuition.  

As a Registered Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Therapist, I can guide you on your path to choosing and using essential oils that are both safe and appropriate for your unique self.  I am delighted to work with clients to create a personal and individual blend especially for them!

Here is what you will find blooming in our garden of aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy Experience, Personalized consultation: $100

up to one hour and including:                         

  • medical history and wellness goals​

  • experience of appropriate essential oils

  • intuitive work as called, working with tools such as Insight Cards

  • 30ml diluted personalized blend.​


A​romatherapy Mini-session: $40 

up to 30 minutes and including:

  • session via phone or Skype 

  • medical history and wellness goals

  • 30ml diluted personalized blend.



Custom Blending Fee:                                                   $15.00
Essential Oil blend in carrier oil: 30ml                        From $15.00

Essential Oil blend in carrier oil: 10ml roller              From $12.00

Essential Oil blend in mister: 60ml                              From $15.00

Essential Oil blend in personal inhaler                        From $12.00

Pure Essential oil diffuser blend: 5ml                          From $15.00


                  *Prices vary according to essential oils used*


Standard blends are also available.