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This is the rose farm in Turkey where the roses in this Rose water were grown. 

The roses are picked by hand and distilled in small batches in the traditional way…and this care can be smelled in the final product.
No additives or preservatives!

Rose Hydrosol (Rose Water) has many benefits:

Physical properties:

  • moisturizing and balancing skin tonic for all skin types, especially mature

  • supports the body in balancing hormones and endocrine system, helping PMS and menopause

  • mildy antiseptic and immune supporting

Mental/Emotional/Spiritual properties:

  • Represents love, trust, and self-acceptance

  • supports decision-making 

  • strong affinity to the heart; possesses highest vibrational energy of love.

  • emotionally balancing

  • supports emotional healing, especially grief, anger, depression, anxiety

  • relaxing and uplifting 

Application: Just about anything you can think of!

  • Mist onto face and body, with eyes and mouth closed

  • May be used as a personal perfume/body spray

  • May be misted into room and lightly onto bedding  

Limited quantities. 

Available in 250ml $45, and 60ml $22.

Now available...Artisanal Rose Hydrosol (Rose Water)
 Imported directly from the grower in Turkey!​

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