What is Aromatherapy?


You’ve likely heard a lot about Aromatherapy …it seems to be a term that is used everywhere lately. So what is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a combination of science and art: the science of chemistry, biology, and botany, with the art of intuition and observation.
— Tracey Lewindon

To me, Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts, such as essential oils, to influence conditions affecting the body, mind, and spirit. Aromatherapy is a holistic complementary therapy, meaning that aromatherapy helps the body to re-establish its natural balance, and that it works alongside other forms of both holistic and allopathic medicine.
Because aromatherapy works well with so many modalities, we can often see Aromatherapists combining use of essential oils with their other offerings. It is important to note that any practitioner working with essential oils in this therapeutic way should have training in what these oils are and how they work. Many practitioners obtain aromatherapy training, but some do not, so it is up to the client to research their chosen practitioner to be sure. A Professional Aromatherapist spends hundreds of hours studying botany, chemistry, and biology in order to help their clients and work with essential oils in a safe and appropriate way. In a client’s session, I will draw upon this training and knowledge to determine the client’s unique needs, and create an essential oil blend and application method that is personalized and appropriate for each individual client.
We can also find aromatherapy used in less formal settings in our homes. Adding essential oils to diffusers, body care products, and cleaning products is becoming more and more common. With this increasing popularity comes the need for increased education in terms of safe use of essential oils, and that is a big topic for another blog … or two!

Tracey Lewindon