Individual Illumination sessions


An Illumination session is your opportunity to explore soul work. It is a space to be heard, guided, and supported as you seek your path to healing and personal growth. This is your individual journey and your work, and you do not have to do it alone!

Illumination sessions may support you with:

  • Connecting with your true self, and your heart and soul;

  • Exploring of new or recurring themes on your journey and a chance to ‘try on’ some new ideas or modalities;

  • Releasing of old patterns or limiting thoughts;

  • Creating Clarity of your next steps and how to best move forward towards wholeness.

Sessions are customized to suit your needs, and may include:


Aromatherapy is the holistic practice of working with essential oils derived from plants to influence conditions of the body, mind, and spirit.

Aromatherapy supports us in connecting with all levels of the body; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and is a powerful aid to healing.

Earth Medicine

Earth Medicine is a healing modality based on Shamanic traditions and practices that are found in Indigenous cultures throughout the world.  It is a way of connecting with and honouring oneself through connecting with and honouring Nature.

Earth Medicine helps us to discover aspects of ourselves that have become hidden over time.


NLP is Neuro Lingusitic Programming and is a highly effective form of personal growth and healing work. It is the study of how we use language to describe our experiences in the world.

Working with NLP can help us to release old patterns of behaviour that no longer serves us.

Art Journaling

Art Journaling is described as “art as a process”. It is similar to written journaling and uses colour, textures and images instead of words to create a powerful way of connecting and expressing oneself. This is a playful yet powerful way to engage parts or ourselves that are often set aside in our busy lives.


Private personalized sessions are customized to suit your needs.

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