Soul Garden® Workshops

It is time! Time to tend, cultivate, and nurture your inner garden; your Soul Garden.

What if you could tune in and listen to your soul's longings and move forward towards your most joyful life? What if you could pause, breathe, and give yourself permission to tend to your own deepest desires for creating a life that serves your highest self?

Soul Garden® is the newest workshop offered by Nature's Heart.  This inspiring series of Holistic Art Journaling workshops has grown from Tracey's own personal development work over the last 15+ years and brings together her skills and experience as both an educator and a holistic healer. 

Here we will work with tools including mixed media art journaling, writing, meditation/visualization, Earth Medicine, and Aromatherapy in a fun and creative environment to explore our heart and soul's whispers and to dig into the creative process as a path to healing and personal growth; all in the metaphor of cultivating our inner garden.  The lessons are created as a series and build upon each other.  Each session is hands-on, with a sprinkling of personal exploration and a load of creative fun!

Join us in the Soul Garden!

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