Essential oils are everywhere and it seems just about anyone is selling them, but Tracey is the only one I trust to create blends for my family. I have faith in her extensive training and in-depth knowledge of aromatherapy to help adults and children. When one of my kids had a case of head lice (yes, it’s ok to talk about it), she was incredibly thorough and worked with me to develop custom products for our whole family. “Shield” spray helped us keep the lice at bay and her “Faerie Mist” created a feeling of calm at bedtime while we battled the bugs. Working with Tracey made me feel so much safer knowing I was getting products that were just right for my children – so much more personal than just ordering something online.
— Mila

I’m sitting here surrounded by the scent of the essential oil blend created just for me by Tracey. As always I am filled with a sense of peace and feeling of being uplifted. The way she was able to turn my vague description of how I wanted to feel into the perfect blend for me was amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tracey to anyone interested in learning more about aromatherapy.
— Catherine

Tracey uses gentle healing tools.
The NLP work peels away negative thoughts. This shedding has allowed me more space to fill with positive experiences. The Earth Medicine journeying allows me a mirror into my hidden hopes which sometimes stay well hidden. Her aromatherapy blends are a gentle breeze to direct me on the course I have always known I needed. Her art journaling classes free me from the noise of my over active mind, and allow my soul to speak to me and to call me to a place of belonging.
— Janet

Tracey has always been extremely thoughtful when it comes to creating custom blends for me. As someone who had struggled with an autoimmune pain disorder, Tracey has created custom blends for not only pain relief, but also emotional relief and healing. There is nobody else that I would rather trust to make blends for me! I feel confident and safe about the oils that she recommends, and know how much thought and personalization she puts into every order.
— Taylor

Tracey was a pleasure to work with and is consistently professional. She has a natural gift of insight that she uses in her healing practices and displays through her workshops. I took photos for one of Tracey’s events and it was easy to see the many benefits of her workshops and how happy all of the clients were.
— Cameron

I have had trouble with my knees for years. After a consultation Tracey made a blend for me that has helped me more than anything else that I’ve tried.
— J.T.

Tracey has made me many lovely blends over the years and each one has helped me. She listens to what I need and has even worked to include my favourite Lavender in most of my blends.
— Marian

Tracey, of Nature’s Heart, created aromatherapy blends for my arthritis to ease the pain and discomfort in my shoulders and knees. I have been using these blends for a few years now – and my joints have never had it so good!
— Arthur