Aromatherapy is…

Aromatherapy is the holistic practice of working with essential oils derived from plants to influence conditions of the body, mind, and spirit.

Aromatherapy supports us in connecting with all levels of the body; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and is a powerful aid to healing.

It is both a science and an art, involving chemistry, biology, as well as intuition.  As a Registered Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Therapist, I can guide you on your path to choosing and using essential oils that are both safe and appropriate for your unique self.  I am delighted to work with clients to create a personal and individual blend especially for them!

Aromatherapy can…

  • Improve blood circulation and skin tone 

  • Relax and soothe muscles

  • Support in pain management

  • Ease mental and physical fatigue

  • Calm the nervous system; reducing stress and anxiety

  • Ease insomnia

  • Balance digestion

  • Support immune function

  • Promote a sense of renewed energy

  • Help to create a sacred space for spiritual work such as meditation or ritual. 


Why work with a Registered Aromatherapist?

  • Natural substances with the power to heal, also have the power to do harm

  • Not all essential oils are for every body

  • Professional Aromatherapist helps you to be well-informed around use of essential oils

  • Gives personalized attention and instruction

  • Helps you match essential oils to your specific needs

  • Provides advice around safe and appropriate essential oils; what these can do for your body, and how to use them

  • Has experience and ongoing education which ensures current understanding of essential oil science and safety, reducing risk to you and your family 

  • Follows the holistic healing model, looking below the symptoms to the source

  • Holistic healing allows the body to access its own balance and innate wisdom to heal the root issue.


Illuminating your path forward

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