Art Journaling is…

Art Journaling is described as “art as a process”. It is similar to written journaling and uses colour, textures and images instead of words to create a powerful way of connecting and expressing oneself. This is a playful yet powerful way to engage parts or ourselves that are often set aside in our busy lives.

Explore your creative self through mixed-media art journaling;  an inspiring creative outlet that can serve to aid in personal growth and awareness, leading to increased wellness.

Art Journaling can…

  • provide a creative outlet for expression

  • aid in personal growth and development

  •  provide a new perspective and aid in problem solving

  • create a space to just “be”

I discovered Art Journaling in 2011 and found it extremely beneficial in helping me to heal from a health crisis.  I have since taken numerous classes and learned new skills, and now desire to use what I have learned to guide others in using this powerful tool to help them in their own journey.
— Tracey Lewindon

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