Earth Medicine is…

Earth Medicine is a healing modality based on Shamanic traditions and practices that are found in Indigenous cultures throughout the world.  It is a way of connecting with and honouring oneself through connecting with and honouring Nature.

Earth Medicine helps us to discover aspects of ourselves that have become hidden over time.

In the Shamanic tradition, everything from the wind in the trees, the water flowing in our streams, the stones that form our mountains, the plants we eat, to the animals who live with and around us… all of Nature has spirit and may have things to teach us…and these teachings we call medicine. 
As a certified Earth Medicine Practitioner, I am honoured to create and hold sacred space for clients.  Through practices such as Ritual, Ceremony, and Shamanic Journey, I serve as a guide to support clients in connecting with their own healing wisdom and medicine of the Earth.  

Earth Medicine can…

  • help you to connect with your true self/soul

  • help you to learn ways to honour yourself and your journey

  • help to uncover patterns of behaviour that may no longer serve you

  • help you to connect with Guides to know you are never alone

  • help you to honour a life event or transition




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